“I’m glad this film got made and I’m glad I got to see it.”
—Steve Jackson, Steve Jackson Games

“Respectful, thought-provoking, and funny, Uber Goober is highly recommended.”
—Dave Chalker, Critical Hits

“…letting us laugh at ourselves, and showing just how scary the opposition can really be.”
—William Walton, The Escapist Video Movie Review Report

“Texas director Steven Metze is smart enough to realize that gamers are just as quick to laugh at themselves as anyone else, and deft enough to capture that humor in his new documentary.”
—Victor Godinez, The Dallas Morning News

“It’s a bit of a death knell to call something funny and touching, so I won’t, though it is.”
—Tromanale Film Festival

“…the filmmaker treats his eccentric subjects with the respect they’ve so longed for and deserve. Gamers should delight in all the positive attention, especially if it gets any of them laid, while curious on-lookers may just find themselves being seduced by the ‘dark’ side… ”
—Daniel Wible,

“Gaming does not make people who they are, it reveals who they are…I think this point is strongly made…this film is a brilliantly honest documentary that is well edited and well paced.”
—Ron McClung,

“Steve Metze has made a thoroughly entertaining feature-length documentary film about gamers, their world, and those who fear them.”
—Fred Askew, Revolution Sci-Fi

“…a celebration of the life and lifestyles surrounding gaming and gamers. It is a loving tribute to geeks and outsiders…”

“…a very funny and poignant look at the gaming community. It puts a very human face on the label of gamer…”
—Lone Star Historical Miniatures group

“…the gamers featured in the film represent a broad cross-section of society: male, female, young, old, tall, short, all shapes and nationalities, all quite articulate and intelligent.”