ÜG at Pure Speculation in Canada

Things are all set for us to screen at the end of the month at Pure Speculation in Canada, which means we ARE slowly taking over the world.  Also, looking into another screening, we’ll let you know about that soon…

ÜG Wins Fan Film at Gen Con

I’m not sure why it took so long, but we just found out that “Über Goober” won the Fan Film contest at last year’s Gen Con.  It’s like the Golden Globe of gaming!  They will be having a special midnight showing August 20th at this year’s convention, and if Steve wasn’t in Iraq, he would be there to accept the award.  Perhaps another über goober will make it instead.

ÜG to Play in Tel Aviv, Israel

“Über Goober” will be shown at the ICon 2005 festival in Tel Aviv, Israel.

ScumCrew.com Now Online

Scum Crew Pictures now has a virtual home! Check out ScumCrew.com orScumCrewPictures.com for all the latest scummy crewy information.

Read an Interview with Don Swaynos

Here’s an excerpt from the Q&A with cinematographer Don Swaynos after the first showing of the film at the Angelika Theater

Pat: “Given that the differences between players of original AD&D and version 3.0 or 3.5 is just like the protestants and Catholics, did you encounter any of that tension?”
Don: “Uh, well, not really.”
Pat: “Why didn’t you do anything on Euro-gamers?”
Don: “That depends; what’s a Euro-Gamer?”
Pat: “I noticed that the overall tone was very positive and sympathetic…”
Don: “Well, Steve had one rule–”
Pat: “No furries!”
Don: “Okay, two rules, that being the first one and the second, and only slightly less important, was don’t be mean.”
Pat: “Why no Pokemon or Crack the Gathering?”
Don: “Because everyone hates them.”

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